Thursday, December 15, 2005

Peak Oil

I have been watching with interest the recent "Peak Oil" debate. This is of interest to me as a geologist. In fact, I purchased and read a book entitled The Long Emergency by James Kunstler. This book details the fact that oil production will or already has peaked and that we as Americans are doing very little about preparing for a world with less oil.

As I found out after writing my book about water and terrorism, Understanding Water and Terrorism, many of the American public get their news from the mainstream media, which does not go into detail about any subject of any depth.

As with many "problems" in our society and world, to learn and understand the what is truely happening, you need to read and go beyond the mainstream media. Like the problems of water supply and availability (see Understanding Water Rights and Conflicts, Second Edition), terrorism and peak oil, one of the key ingredients is an aware public. Aware beyond the snippets of the mainstream media, aware to the extent that we understand the consequences of the choices that we are making. Only this will allow our society to begin to cope with these problems in a rational manner.

H. Court Young
Author and Publisher